RED Interviews


When I started taking portraits around the ground I'd always end up having a chat and the stories were wonderful, about how they've travelled to every home and away match, their very first game.. their favourite player.. I started trying to jot down bits and bobs to put with their portrait.

I think I always knew that I wanted to take it further and interview fans in their own spaces, at home.  I wanted to talk about how being a fan has shaped them as a person.. their relationships, their family.. their community.

I put a call out on Twitter for any suggestions for a fan that would make a good 'first' interview and someone mentioned Peter Carney.  Peter has been a lifelong Liverpool supporter and created and runs the wonderful 'Soccer in the city' tours before a game.  He considers himself, not just a supporter.. but a football activist and artist and is responsible for many of the incredible banners that you so often see floating across a sea of fans in the Kop.

I got to spend the most wonderful afternoon at Peter's house talking about being a supporter and how it is so deeply engrained and about so much more than what happens on the pitch.  It felt an absolute honour to listen to his stories and to know that the guts of this project is wanting to capture this and to celebrate supporters like Peter..

You can listen and read the first interview clip from Peter Carney HERE



My plan is to keep interviewing and taking more portraits and I have another interview lined up for the end of the month so keep an eye out for more clips arriving soon!

Emma Case