More than I ever expected...


We sat for five hours.. a table full of old photos and matchday programmes.. a bookcase stacked with Shankly books and a proudly displayed collection of LFC mugs.

For my second RED Interview I headed down to Gloucester and sat in Christopher Wood's living room listening to him talk about his wonderful journey supporting Liverpool and how it has lead to the most amazing and precious friendships.. all across the world.

Before meeting, Christopher had mentioned having printed a few photographs for me to keep.. but whilst we were chatting, what I didn't expect was for him to give me three original postcards from the three European Cup finals that my Dad played in.

It caught me and I sat, trying unsuccessfully to hold back tears.

I knew when starting this project that this journey was going to be special but I didn't expect it to have such a huge personal, emotional impact.  Digging deeper in to my Dad's history, feeling closer to the experiences that both my Mum and Dad had, and whilst they were both so young.  Being given something from that time.. from someone who has had a lifetime of enjoyment from watching Liverpool play, from watching my Dad play.  The supporters are such a strong, tangible connection to my own history and they are giving me so much more than I ever imagined...

Thank you so much Christopher..

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Emma Case